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Q: “I took 2 bottles the day of sign up to activate my membership, and I took one wine club order – that’s two orders, so I can cancel now, right?”

A: No. The minimum is effectively 3 orders: the 2 bottle day-of purchase to activate your membership and all of the perks, and then 2 additional wine club orders on the scheduled dates in February, May, and October. If you need to cancel early, a $25 early cancellation fee will apply; this is in exchange for our generous member benefits.

Already a member?

Q: “My friend is coming by the Tasting Room. I won’t be there, but if she gives my name, she can use my complimentary tastings, right?”

A: No. We do ask that wine club members are present and on-property when sharing these benefits with friends and family. The name of someone present in the party must be on the active membership account in order to enjoy perks and benefits; if there are additional names (such as a spouse or relative) you need added to your account on-going, you may let us know when you are on-property. You may also send us an email, or give us a call with that information if you need to update your account. Of course, your friend is welcome to join our wine club to enjoy these perks for herself!


Q: “I can’t make the wine club pick up party. Can I send friends in my place?”

A: While your friends would be welcome to come to the pickup party and we can put a note in your account that they are authorized to pick up your shipment box one-time while they are here to enjoy the party, they would be charged $30 per person as it is only complimentary for active wine club members who can be present that day, and that perk is nontransferable. This is similar to complimentary tasting perks and glass/bottle discounts – if a member is not on-site the day of a friend visiting, the benefits are nontransferable. Your friends are welcome to join the wine club to enjoy these perks for themselves, as perks are intended for those who are paying for the membership. (If you are the billing contact who is paying for a gift membership for someone, of course, the perks are gifted to the recipient.)


Q: “I’m going to stay after a wine club pick up party, and once you open to the public, I want to open a bottle from my pick up box. Will your staff open my bottle, please?”

A: A $10 corkage fee will apply.


Q: “I’m picking up my wine club order and instead of doing a complimentary tasting, will you just open one of my pick up bottles for me and get me a glass, please?”

A: A $10 corkage fee will apply.


Q: “I’m coming in with a bottle of your wine that I’ve been storing at home, will you please open it and get me a glass?”

A: A $10 corkage fee will apply.

In accordance with the Ventura County Public Health Order issued March 17th, 2020 which states that all wineries, breweries, and tap rooms that provide tastings close temporarily, we will remain closed for wine tasting and any onsite purchase or enjoyment of our wine until authorized to reopen.

This means that we will not be accommodating in person sales or pickups at our Tasting Room facility at this time. Instead, we'll bring our wine to you! Please click the link below to view our delivery and shipping options, plus great discounts on some of our best-selling wines.

To read our latest update email in full, please click here.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. If you have any questions, please email us at


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